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Learn The Truth About Tantric Sex!

Learn to control your sexual energy, raise it into the body, recirculate it and experience full-body orgasms. These practices revitalize you entire body like nothing else, in particular the internal organs and brain. Only when the sexual energy stops being lost through ejaculation for males or menstruation for females can full-body orgasms and a constant flow of sexual energy throughout the body be achieved.

There are Many Books Available on Tantric Sex but Most are Either Incomplete Or Quite Misleading.

Unfortunately there are people expounding Tantric techniques that they have acquired from the East where they have only been given parts of the overall teachings

The secrecy which surrounds Spiritual and Tantric techniques throughout the world has made it hard for Westerners to gain the full knowledge. This has led to some people coming back to the West and teaching what they know which may be quite lacking. In fact most other writers on Tantric Sex have tried to divorce it from its multidimensional basis to try and fit it in with their current belief system. They have missed the point. With a little knowledge they assume they know it all and begin to teach.

The same thing has occurred with meditation where scientists have tried to reduce the practice to something grounded only in the physical world. They study it from outside and see brainwave changes and other such phenomena and reduce the whole practice to something physical which has benefits to emotional stability, concentration and physical health. The truth about Meditation and its use in deconstructing the ego and allowing for the actual incarnation of higher dimensional forces and consciousness remains hidden because the scientist does not believe in these possibilities. The awakening of past life memories, perception of other dimensions and various non-physical beings among other phenomena is not realized. If you read a book on how to meditate by someone who does not understand how to gain these higher ends you will certainly be mislead.

The same goes for Tantric Sex. Most authors talk about stopping ejaculation, extending orgasm and lovemaking in general and give you various sex positions to use but fail to explain much and often do not give the required practices to succeed fully. Tantric sex was not a highly guarded secret for thousands of years because it could give you a better orgasm. The truth is far more exciting.

The true use of Tantric Sex is in transforming our energy body which in turn raises the vibration of the physical body making the Incarnation of Higher Forces Possible.

With a raise in vibration the physical body becomes extremely healthy with a thorough cleansing of all organs, glands and the central nervous system. Also with the gradual clearing and raising of vibration the practitioner is cleared of negative conditioning from the past. Growing up in our societies on earth has divorced people from their sexuality and left them with many emotional traumas. Due to this we are cut off from an infinite source of power, creativity and expression.

Due to our Sexual and emotional blockages we cannot cultivate sexual energy!

The ordinary male must ejaculate often or he will become totally preoccupied with sex, he will become frustrated, emotionally irritable and have little control over his mind. The female will gradually build sexual energy through the monthly cycle and towards the end just before menstruation she will become irritable, very emotional and even endure physical symptoms. So the consequences of a build up of sexual energy are basically the same for males and females but the female evacuates her built up energy through menstruation and the male evacuates his through ejaculation.

It is not necessary that the build up of sexual energy should cause such symptoms.

In fact it is possible that the built up energy could be circulated throughout the entire body leading to a strengthening of the entire energy body and a rejuvenation of the physical. For this to occur however the sexual energy must be able to move into the body. In most people this is not possible because emotional issues cause a contraction of the energy in and around the genitals which in turn causes muscle tension in these areas. Due to this blockage of energy the built up sexual energy has nowhere to go. It will quickly fill the genital region and then begin to put pressure on the energetic blockages caused by the emotional issues. This pressure will cause the above mentioned symptoms. (Many priests have shown us what can happen if sexual energy is built up with nowhere to go. If they knew how to raise their sexual energy into the body and circulate it instead of leaving it in the genitals many sexual assaults on children could have been avoided.)

The only reason for the males need to ejaculate and for females to have a monthly period is that their energy bodies are full of blockages. I realize this may not make sense as "we know that the menstrual cycle is automatic and natural". However I would like to posit that the menstrual cycle can easily be stopped and started consciously by any female with the required know how. If we were not so cut off from higher consciousness and our own intuition this would actually come naturally and a female would only begin menstruation when she planned to have a baby. It is quite a waste to expel an egg once a month that is overflowing with very beneficial energy which could rejuvenate the entire body. A female that learned to control her sexual energy and in effect prevent the loss of her energy could live into very old age and never experience menopause. Likewise it is a massive waste for a male to ejaculate his vital creative fluid.

The possibilities for orgasm can be multiplied almost indefinitely when we prevent the loss of sexual energy!

It may then begin to enter the body and cause an orgasm that can last for hours throughout the entire body. The problem is that to achieve this the energy blockages which are made up of emotional issues from negative past experiences must be cleared or the increased pressure from not losing the normal amount of sexual energy will lead to the above negative symptoms.

So typically both men and women do not cultivate their sexual energy because to do so will confront them with emotional issues from their past. For this reason few people have actually succeeded with Tantric Sex and many who have begun on the Tantric path soon gave up as they were not given enough information or the required techniques to clear all energy and emotional blockages. The average person is in a state of stasis where they must continue to lose the same amount of sexual energy so they are not confronted with negative emotions.

Many would think that the orgasms they already have are pretty good, so why waist time with these practices? Unfortunately these people have no basis to conceptualize anything greater. Yes, it does take some time and practice to achieve greater experiences but once you have you wouldn’t want it any other way. As you progress you also gain a basis to realize what is truly possible.

All sexual problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, frigidity, self esteem and self worth problems and problems with self expression are related to the emotional issues associated with our sexuality.

In fact nearly all emotional and mental issues or disorders that exist are at least partly connected with our sexuality and its repression. There are so many temporary fixes for such problems like drugs, herbs or tonics but none of these are cures. The only possible cure for sexual problems as well as other emotional issues is a clearing of the emotional and energetic blockages that are the primary cause. To do this we must begin to cultivate sexual energy, stop its loss and circulate it throughout the body.

If we do begin to clear the blockages, cultivate our sexual energy and in effect raise our vibration some outstanding possibilities may be realized. In fact Tantric Sex forms a basis for true inner alchemy that can awaken your multidimensional awareness, your memory of past lives, between lives and even incarnations in other dimensions and on other planets. To incarnate higher dimensional forces which contain your true self and spirit which can free you from all the trappings of the earthly ego and from all illusions it is absolutely necessary to cultivate sexual energy and begin to raise it into the central nervous system.

The results of proper Tantric practice which can be done alone or with a partner are indeed far above and beyond better sex!

Exchanging sexual energy with your partner and circulating and blending it throughout your bodies simply cannot be compared with ordinary orgasm. With ordinary orgasm a small amount of sexual energy is built up and then released from the testicles in men and the ovaries in women, into the genitals. This release of energy is where the orgasmic feelings come from. For a male it is usually a rush of orgasmic sensations out the end of the penis. The small amount of sexual energy that causes these feelings will not be enough to create a full body orgasm. For full body orgasm to occur the entire meridian system must be cleared and the vibration of the energy body raised. This is done through the cultivation and circulation of sexual energy and it will take time and practice. As you continue to practice, the blockages around the genital region will be cleared and you will be able to build and store much more sexual energy. These far greater stores can then be released into the meridian system during sex and cause some very intense full body orgasms that can last a very long time, with no ejaculation.

For females the normal orgasm does not result in a large scale loss of sexual energy which is why even normal women are capable of having longer lasting orgasms than men, multiple orgasms and even body orgasms. The females orgasm is simply sexual energy being released from the ovaries, usually into the genital area. For the male however the sexual energy is very much a part of the sperm so as they are released the sexual energy is released with them.

The feeling of orgasm is in fact the feeling of sexual energy being released into areas of the body where there are many nerve endings.

Orgasmic sensations are actually sexual energy (which has a very strong vibration) stimulating the physical nerve endings. The nerve endings are so sensitive that they can actually feel the sexual energy which is a non-physical substance. With a full body orgasm the physical nerve endings of the entire body are stimulated by the highly vibrating sexual energy.

40% of our daily energy that we receive from food, air, water and sunlight goes into the production of sexual energy which is then used in the production of sperm for males or the cultivation of eggs for the female.

 Just imagine if all this energy was kept and recirculated instead of being lost through normal ejaculation or menstruation. Your energy supply would very quickly expand and keep on expanding. The possibilities of raising your vibration to a high enough level for spiritual incarnation will fast become realized. All emotional issues will begin to be cleared and you will become free from all past conditioning. Full body orgasms are only the beginning for the ecstasies and bliss possible through real Tantric Sex. An orgasm so complete that all boundaries are dissolved and a merging of both partners with each other, their higher selves, spirits and the universe can occur. At these higher stages of Tantric Sex experience truly defies description.

To experience is to know! The techniques available here are for those who desire to know the truth, to transcend the earthly ego and all illusion, incarnate higher forces and consciousness and to experience Spiritual Transformation first hand.

Note: The techniques here will give you control over your sexual energy so that you can have sex just as you do now (albeit for much longer and more often) and let your passions and instincts run wild. The difference is that your sexual energy will naturally spread into your body instead of outwards or only into the genitals. You will be more in touch with your sexuality and as you clear emotional blockages you will be far more passionate and sexual with your instincts running smoothly.

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